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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  April 17, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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no, they should not. m you. how many bombs -- how many bombs did you diffuse in your supply real quick. >> in the bomb squad we would go out on four bombings a month. >> wow. >> all right. thank you for being with us. that's all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. greta is next. boston police denying earlier reports that they have made an arrest. >> i can confirm through federal law enforcement sources that photos are being distributed of two men who are considered persons of interest in this case. these men have apparently not been identified by name. but authorities are definitely looking for them. they want to talk to these men. they may have been involved in this becoming. >> there's no current indication to suggest the attack was indicative of a broader plot. >> bomb components from the crime scene are now at a crime
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lab in quantico, virginia where they are being analyzed for dna fibers are. and fox news is also told the circuit board has been recovered, a sign that it was some kind of cell phone detonation, and that other components are relatively intact. >> this is a fox news alert. right now the fbi is look for two persons of interest in the boston marathon bombing. police have photos of the two men and fox news senior correspondent have seen those photos. he's live in boston with the the very latest. rick. >> greta, we are being careful about how we describe the men in these pictures for a number of reasons. but primarily because we don't want to jeopardize the fbi's investigation. of course, the fbi has the lead in this case. there are at least 30 agencies involved and well over -- >> let me stop you. >> between ourselves and the federal authorities. we are here to strictly answer questions at the end which i will take a few about the state
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investigation of this. if there's any questions regarding the federal end of it, we will not speculate or comment on those. that is just a warning to you so we won't get into that and waste our time. i can tell you that on april 10 of this year, around 9:30, we received a call from a justice court located directly behind this building where we house our justice court complex. that there was a letter that was inside an envelope that was mailed to one of our justice court judges, whose name we are going to refrain from releasing. that letter was addressed to lee county justice court and specifically named a justice court judge. the letter was postmarked from
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memphis. the letter did not contain a return address. the letter was opened by the justice court judge. it was handled by the justice court judge, as well as several deputy clerks, employees of justice court. this letter was type-written and contained some wording that was of interest. also inside this letter was a suspicious content. a content that raised questions about what it was. we were notified, a team of our investigation went over to justice court and took possession of this letter, immediately sealed it, identified it for evident try purposes and investigative purposes. i can tell you as of today we
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were contacted by the fbi. the purpose of us being contacted was the recent letters that were sent to senator wicker, as well as president obama. the information that we received from the fbi of the content that those two letters contained, the way that the letters were typewritten to those two individuals, the postmark similarity that we had, it raised suspicion that there could possibly be a connection to the letter that we received in justice court. the next step that we took was a joint effort in investigating what we could about what this substance was that was inside the letter that we had.
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as you all know, the federal authorities released the information as far as the content that they believed was placed inside the two letters to senator wicker, as well as president obama. their team and other government officials arrived at our facility. we staged them on our north parking lot. there's a portable laboratory that was brought in. they came in and took possession of our letter, which is the justice court letter that was received on april 10th. that particular letter, content and envelope has been analyzed at the laboratory. it is not an official result that we have. we do have a result back preliminarily. what i can tell you about what we received, there are great consistencies between the
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content, the letter itself, the way the letter was written, the postmark of the letter, the way the letter was addressed, there are great consistencies and similarities to the two letters and the information that we received from the federal people that senator wicker and president obama received. with that being said, the letter that we received at justice court and the content has now, after this preliminary test, has been sent to the same laboratory group of people that are finalizing and analyzing the two letters that the federal people received. we will be waiting for official results. i cannot release those until i get them. i can save you that question now. this led us to the next step, which the real reason that i
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think you are here is the federal people was giving us information this morning of a person of possible interest that could possibly be in our area, is what they were doing here. and we were assisting them with this information and the possible location of this individual. it led us down several paths. it led us to several different leads that we assisted them on. they were, much like us, concerned that the letter that we received and the two letters that they had, there is a great possibility that this was sent from the same individual or group of individuals. at that point the investigation led us to incarcerating and
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picking up an individual that we believe is possibly connected to the letter that was sent to justice court. again, i want to -- i want to convey that our investigation is strictly toward the letter that we received at justice court. i will tell you that they are similar, i will tell you that there are consistencies, and i will tell you that the fbi is assisting us every way possible to see if it is linked to theirs. >> we've been listening to the lee county sheriff in mississippi. apparently an arrest being made there in connection with the ricin investigation here in washington d.c. what this lee county sheriff has been telling us is there is a grave similarity between a letter sent to the justice court in mississippi with the letter sent to senator wicker and president obama. the man who has been arrested is a man named paul kenneth curtis. joining me is washington post
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reporter ed o'keefe. what can you tell me about the arrest investigation in d.c.? >> we know an arrest was made today. and the fact that this happened so quickly, we seem to get a sense yesterday they were moving in on someone because senators who were briefed on this yesterday afternoon were told that the suspect they believed had done this was someone who had written to government officials in the past. having tracked suspicious mail cases for a few years, i can tell you there are several different people out there that the u.s. postal investigation, the fbi and the police track on a basis. they can track the handwriting, the style of writing and the materials sent. in this case they were able to move quickly and find this guy, paul kenneth curtis, who lived in this mississippi area. >> we talked to the people down there and they tell us he's an elvis impersonator. his facebook page says he's a
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self-proclaimed mensa expert. he has a beef with washington. >> and that's typical with the people who send in this mail on a regular basis. there was a case the guy was very critical of the healthcare reform efforts was sending dozens of letters to president obama and caught and doing federal time for doing something similar. whether it's a beef with the president or something they are trying to get attention to, it's easy to catch the guys according to the guys who catch them on a regular basis. >> and he has some very serious psychological issues. but much of that we will find out in the days and weeks ahead. thank you, ed. >> good to see you. >> much more on the ricin attack but now back to fox's rick leventhal and the report on two suspects in the boston marathon bombing. rick, i cut you off. go back to the pictures you were telling me about that you yourself have seen about the two that are persons of interest. >> well, in a nutshell, greta, the law enforcement community has photos that have been
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distributed for law enforcement eyes only. they are on the lookout for two persons of interest, possible suspects in the marathon becoming. i have seen the photos but we are not going to show the photos and limit description of the photos because we don't want to jeopardize the fbi's investigation. the important point here is to catch whoever is responsible for the horrific events that happened behind us on boylston street. the fbi schedule add news briefing earlier this afternoon and they canceled that. then they were going to release a statement and they canceled the statement. they had a statement earlier today that reprimanded the media for miss reporting an arrest was made and a suspect was in custody in this particular case. it seems pretty clear the fbi is focusing their efforts on finding who is responsible and not at this hour on briefing us on the latest, on the investigation. >> all right. let me go to the two persons of interest. you have actually seen the pictures, is that right?
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>> correct. >> are they pictures, are they like what we call screen grabs, they are some video or actual pictures of someone on the street or like head shots, mugshots unrelated to the actual incident? >> there are multiple pictures that could have been taken from any number of cameras that show these two men in different perspectives, from different angles. some head-on, some of them from behind. and there may be video, greta, that links the men in these pictures to the events of monday afternoon. there have been reports that a surveillance camera at a department store on boylston street had captured images of a man place ago backpack down and then walking away right before the explosion. it's quite possible the fbi saw that video and then went back and found the man in that video and then found another man next to him, and is now linking those two men to this series of events. again, we don't want to describe
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the men because the fbi hasn't released it. if the fbi want the the public to see these pictures, they would have disseminated them at the afternoon press briefing. it may be they are closing in on them and they don't want to spook these guys, they don't want them to know the fbi knows who they are. again, if they wanted us to see us, they would have released it so we are going to respect that and not show the pictures. >> two quick questions. once we will have a facial identification expert coming up talking about the new technology about making identification. a lot of times it's about whether the person looks into the camera and the good lighting. i want to know the quality of the pictures you saw from the scene. and number two, does the fbi have names to put to the pictures? >> two very good questions. it's entirely possible based on one of the pictures that i saw that facial identification could lead to an identification to at least one of the two men. i'm sorry, the second question? >> the second one is whether
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they have names, whether they know who they are? >> well, at last report they didn't. the last word i heard from my source was that they didn't have names for these individuals, but they were hoping that someone in the law enforcement community would have a name. that's why they disseminated the photographs and they are asking for help in tracking these guys down. it's possible between then and now they have located them, they have identified them and they are closing in, but we don't know that at this hour. >> rick, thank you. >> sure. >> okay. so it's obvious the photos of the two men could be a giant step forward in the investigation. what we don't know, though, who are the two men and exactly why does the fbi want to talk to them? retired fbi agent jeff joins us. jeffseems that this is a big jump forward. would you agree? that if they have photos they are passing around, persons of interest, they may not be the right persons, but it seems like they are on some trail. >> they are on a trail, and it sounds very promising right now they have two people they have identified maybe through
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pictures but maybe not names yet. they will try to identify them through facial recognition, computer generate the software to help them do that and maybe passing the photos around to law enforcement source necessary the community. they have to identify the people, if they haven't done that already. that's what they are working on right now. >> we understand there is some video today from lord and tailors, which is in the region, which apparently caught some on tape. maybe one person but maybe it was a two. i suspect there's a series of cameras that go up and down the street so one camera passes off the visual at another camera. if they have something at the lord and taylor camera, they might have something else on another camera? do you think that's possible? >> generally that's the case. you have to understand the cameras don't necessarily work in unison like that, depending on who owns the camera and where the video is recorded and how often they are shooting video and frame counts and all that stuff. theoretically that's true. it doesn't always work in
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practice, though. >> what do you make of the fact the fbi cancelled a briefing tonight? i know it's conjecture on our part but we are all sort of suspicious. what do you think? >> first of all the fbi and other law enforcement agencies need to plug the leaks. it's very irresponsible for someone with inside information in an investigation like this to put out information that could be detrimental and affect the integrity of the investigation. they could be prosecuted. they could be prosecuted for doing that. so they need to stop the leaks, first of all. they probably should have a spokesperson or someone at least providing some information to the media, even if they can't tell them when they are doing right now. it's been a long time since they have been out in front of the media. at least tell them what's going on and don't answer any specific questions they don't have to answer or don't want to answer at this point in time. >> jeff, thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> and twelve seconds of terror and it can seem like an eternity if it is you with the twelve seconds of terror.
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here's what it's like. experience the twelve seconds. [explosion] [explosion] [screaming] >> fox news anchor bill hemmer joins us live from boston. the twelve seconds seems like eternity when you don't know what is going on. you have the first confusing bombing and then the second one. >> unbelievable just to listen to it too, greta. the reflexive listening to it on your program is the same i had the first time i heard it. first explosion is loud, the second one not quite as loud. twelve seconds apart. but when you here the collective shriek of people, hundreds, if not thousands of people running in every direction, that's the classic definition of terror and it happened in a major american city. greta, it's a stunning thing to think we are 29 or 30 hours away
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from the last official connected directly with this investigation that has briefed the public or briefed reporters. these press conferences that were scheduled and then cancelled and postponed, et cetera, off and on again throughout the day, a statement that was on at 8:00, that was off several minutes later. it's all very confusing, as you can imagine here. i'm not saying it's a good thing or a bad thing that the press conferences have not happened. grant the, as reporters we want the information. it is some of the best source of information that we can get. what it tells me, i think, is they are working very hard behind the scenes and they do not want to tip their hand to the people or persons that they are after here in boston tonight. >> you know, bill, right during this show, they could be out there making an arrest on someone we don't know and they didn't want to it their hand. >> very possible. >> i've seen it happen where we think nothing is happening and a lot is. but the one thing that is -- something so realistic we have to look at, if they just have those pictures today, that's 48 hours, actually about 50 hours
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ago is when this happened and the killer or killers has that amount of time, jump, to get out of there and to run. that's the problem with having it so late. >> right. and you, you know, as a former prosecutor and your time in law and just speaking with rudy giuliani earlier today about what he is reflecting on after this tragedy here in boston, and the terrorist activity on monday afternoon, what he will tell you, the first 24 hours are always the most critical because that's when you seize your evidence and that's when you lock it down. and you hope that authorities here in boston have done just that in the first 24 hours. then it goes to, you know, how do you identify these individuals on these photographs? how do you find them in is there any history of them here in the city of boston? and the commonwealth of massachusetts? how do you get a name? who do you go to to figure out where they live or what their background is? all this is an open-ended issue
7:20 pm
tonight. >> of course, at this late date, they closed down logan to make sure nobody went to the airport and took off. they did that. but by now they could have driven to montreal or newark and hopped on an international flight. you could be far away tonight. >> or perhaps you are in an apartment building a few miles outside of boston and you have hunkered down. i think the point that these officials made to us here in boston today, they don't want to show their hand. they don't want to show their cards. i mean, the investigation could be moving pretty quickly. i think your point is very well-taken. they could be making an arrest right now. let's hope that's the case for the people here in boston and for the rest of the american people watching and waiting for answers. >> bill, thank you. i know you have had a long day. you have been on the air and been reporting all day. so i appreciate you sticking around so late tonight. i know it's been a real long day for you. >> you bet. >> thank you, bill. up next, the fbi piecing together scraps of exploded metal. some very tiny.
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what exactly are they looking for? you will hear from a bomb expert next. our live coverage of the boston terror investigation continues. stay right where you are. all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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you couldn't pause a show in one room then start playing it in another. and...i'm talking to myself... [ male announcer ] call to get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 2 years with qualifying bundles. rethink possible. >> tonight fbi bomb experts trying to do what might seem the absolute impossible. they are trying to piece together the small bomb
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fragments. tom thurman is the former chief of the fbi data center. he joins us. good evening, sir. >> good evening. >> tell me, how tiny or the piece that is the fbi are picking up on that crime scene? >> well, it has the whole variety of pieces that we have certainly seen in the media and the photographs of actually fairly large pieces of, again, what appears to be a pressure cooker. as most bombings or explosions like this, we will have very, very small, even thumb-name size pieces of evidence. the investigators are out on the scene scurrying throughout the scene to find these very small pieces. even on the street, embedded into walls, on rooftops. i'm sure they are out on top of the roofs, the gutter areas, roof ledges in this area, and
7:26 pm
actually probably a good distance away from the scene of the two explosions. >> why do you think the fbi -- i mean, they are interested in all the investigation and all the pieces, but in particular the switch that was used to cause the bomb to explode? is that a particular item that they want and why? >> well, any explosive device, not only this one, but any explosive device has two basic components, the explosive which we have seen explode, and a mechanism that causes that explosive to explode. assuming in this case that we have an electrical fusing system, there has to be some type of a switch to cause the bomb to essentially turn on. that switch can be a multitude of different things. but it's highly suggestive, and i mean suggestive at this point, that it's some type of a timing mechanism on one part, or
7:27 pm
possibly a remote control device. looking at the circuit board or those components can help the fbi identify specifically what type of a switch that they have. and that will be done at the fbi academy, or the laboratory at quantico, virginia. >> are they actually going to try to resnuffed. i realize the bomb itself distort, and when it explodes it distorts the pieces, but do they actually try to reassemble the bomb? >> it is reassembled in two different aspects. one is a forensic laboratory report that will go into specific details how the evidence examiner at the lab determined that the device logically exploded. the way that they come to that conclusion is looking at all of these components that have been recovered at the crime scene.
7:28 pm
at that point they may very well decide to say, hey, let's go out and purchase various items that we are seeing here and make a real three-dimensional model that this is exactly what it looked like and may very well put it together to see -- not to actually explode, but how well the fusing system would work based upon the components that they have recovered and their theoretical approach to that. >> tom, thank you very much, sir. >> thank you very much, greta. >> coming up, the numbers are absolutely staggering. three dead, more than 170 people seriously hurt in this vicious bombing. we have new information on the technology used to hunt down this killer. our live coverage from boston continues. also there is new information on an arrest on the attempted ricin attacks on a senator and president obama. more on the developing story next. whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call.
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where you can lease one of four different volkswagen models for under $200 a month. that's the power of german engineering. >> there's no doubt about this, the quick work of first responders actually saved lives at the boston marathon. the two bombs left more than 170 people very seriously hurt. limbs literally destroyed by shrapnel. so how did the first responders save so many people? gym is chief of the boston memorial medical services. he joins us. nice to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> chief, we know, what people don't realize there were so many first responders on thea resultt just that five or six minutes that if they had to call so many people would have probably meant
7:33 pm
the difference between life and death for a lot of people. do you agree with me? >> yes, i do. you know, as unfortunate as a tragedy this has all been, the fortunate thing is we had a very large contingent standing by because the boston marathon is such a large race that every year we do encounter hundreds of runners that require some sort of medical attention. so as a consequence we had an additional 90 personnel staffed all down around the race route on various cars, bicycles, extra ambulances and plenty of means to extricate people off the course. >> people would have bled to the death in the time waiting under ordinary circumstances because the injuries were so horrific. it's astounding, i hate to use the word lucky, but how fortunate you were that they were there. i'm curious, though, with all the places you could send people to hospitals, how did you decide which hospital to send anybody
7:34 pm
to? >> well, we do have a system for distributing patients around the city. we are fortunate also in boston that we have five trauma centers, cells level one pediatrics. so when we begin to load the patients, we recognized that the most critical, the ones we tagged red, were the ones we had to get out of there right away pause they just didn't need an emergency room, they needed an operating room. and our folks are trained in that sort of rapid assessment triage. stopping bleeding, current cuts, open the airway, identify them, load them, get them on their way. as we loaded patients into ambulances, we would contact our c-med center which is at our dispatch operation. our dispatchers would quickly assign them. they keep a log of the capability of the hospitals. and they -- we just -- it was a matter of routine for them. they just began to distribute
7:35 pm
patients across the various hospitals. high acuity first, lower acuity as we moved along. >> chief, you did absolutely magnificent work, you and all the first responders. chief, thank you very much for joining us. >> you're welcome. thank you. >> is it of and from the bloody crime scene on boston street to the emergency room the chief talked about, dozens of critically hurt patients flooding boston level one trauma emergency rooms. doctors and nurses racing to keep them alive. we spoke to the chief of surgery at mass general. >> the doctor is chief of trauma at the general. how ever your patients doing? >> they are doing well. they are critically injured. definitely not out of the woods yet. but i'm quite optimistic that eventually the outcome will be optimal and the patients will eventually do well. >> how many patients do you have here at mass gen and what is the
7:36 pm
varying degrees of what you have seen treated. >> we accepted initially 31 patients. twelve were severely injured and needed admission. 8 of the 12 were critically injured and required operations, some of them multiple operations and admission to the critical care unit. >> and at the present moment how many patients do you have in the critical icu unit, without name anyone? what is the worst of the conditions that you are concerned about most? >> we have, unfortunately, all of the 8 are still in the icu i believe two are ready to be discharged from the icu to a regular bed. they are doing pretty well. the remaining six will probably stay in the icu for a little bit longer. as i'm sure everybody knows by now, the majority of the severe
7:37 pm
injuries are in the lower extremities, legs and feet. this is the most perplexing and the most complex problem that this patients in the icu have, lower leg extremities. >> have you had to induce comas, and are there limbs that you are hoping can still be salvaged? >> yes. all six of these patients, they have been or still are on induced coma. they are intubated, they are sedated and they are supported by a mechanical ventilator to breathe. but one by one are coming out of it. i'm very hopeful that we will not lose any more limbs and even more so no more lives. >> as the investigation continues, can you tell us how much shrapnel, ball bearings, are found in these patients? >> it varied from patient to
7:38 pm
patient. i assume because of the distance that some patients had from the bomb, some patients had just a handful or two of shrapnel pieces in their body and some had numerous pieces. bbs and nails and shrapnel that scattered all around their body, into the lower extremity and the pelvis and the belly and the chest. some of them in the neck and in the face. so it really varied by patient. some of them had only a few pieces and some of them had numerous pieces. >> so you had some patients that came in that had, say, more than five or six pieces of shrapnel or nails in them? >> oh, yes. and we extracted plenty of it and gave it immediately to the investigators. >> this is a fox news alert. a fertilizer plant exploding
7:39 pm
near waco, texas. you are looking at live pictures from the scene. authorities confirming numerous injuries. they also say several buildings have been destroyed. the plant is in the town of west. now that's about 20 miles from waco. emergency crews from throughout central texas are responding to the scene. stay with fox news for the latest on the news. coming up, a letters sent to president obama and a senator and tonight an arrest. and tonight an arrest and an alleged confession but wait until you hear who the suspect is. the latest two minutes away.
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challenge the impossible. find the all- wheel-drive mower exclusively available at lowe's and independent dealers nationwide. >> it started with the death aftcy stance da in january. and then mike mcincludeen and his wife were found murdered in their own home. and tonight the wife of a former justice of the peace is under
7:42 pm
arrest charged with capital murder. kim williams confessed to her involvement in all three murders. they say she told them both she and her husband, eric, was involved and the her husband was the triggerman. they had both prosecuted the justice of the peace for theft of computer monitors. his conviction cost him his job. right now he's only charged with making terrorist tick threats, he's not charged with the murders. they both remain in jail. for more on the developing murder case go to we are back in two minutes.
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flush >> this is a fox news alert. new information about the man arrested in connection with the poisonous ricin letters sent to president obama and senator rodger wicker. tonight the suspect arrested at his mississippi home. we are joined by mr. murray. good evening.
7:45 pm
we understand the ricin preliminarily has determined to be low grade and not weaponized. does that mean that it cannot kill? >> no, it doesn't mean that at all. in fact even just natural caster beans chewed out in nature can kill. obviously the dosage makes the toxicity. there's no reason to believe that this guy didn't intend to murder somebody. >> if i had a letter with low-grade and not weapon aized ricesen and i handled it what happened in mississippi with the deputies down there, would i be at any risk? >> yes. you should seek medical attention. luckily ricin, particularly low grade, isn't readily absorbed through the skin. you have to ingest it or have it inhaled or injected or some such. but you are still going to want to wash it off for any cuts in the skin or anything where the chemical toxin, which is what it is, and you can get into your
7:46 pm
bloodstream. so you are going to want to be cleaned off and treated and watched for symptoms. >> if i handled it about five or six days ago and i don't have any symptoms, am i out of the woods? >> yeah, you are pretty safe then. it's going to act, you know, within a day. and if there's serious consequences, including fatal dosage, that's going to usually happen within three or four days. >> how easy is it to get ricin or to develop it into something that is a threat? >> ricin is a naturally-occurring plant toxin in the caster bean. the caster bean is widely distributed throughout the world, certainly throughout the united states. it's also cultivated, the cast tore oil has a lot of industrial and medicinal purposes. ricin is a natural toxin, as your mother always warned you, don't eat the pretty barrys, they are poisonous. if you are a bad guy and you want to cook it down to make a
7:47 pm
more p ent poison, i'm sure not going to give you the formula to do that, but it can be done in a kitchen or even on a campfire. >> doctor, thank you, sir. >> thank you, greta. >> owe who is the suspect paul kenneth kurtis? does he have a record? tell me about this man. >> he's pretty bizarre, greta. what we found on him sofar is he is an elvis impersonator. he also impersonates several other art efforts. he does buddy holly, george jones, marty robins, johnny cash and weirdly enough prince and jon bon jovi. he has several different acts that he does. he's also, he says he's a mensa member. he appears to be a marshall artist from his pictures on facebook. he's also apparently a former prison guard. >> well, we are going to put one of his videos of elvis impersonators on elvis where viewers can go and watch the
7:48 pm
video. does he have a criminal record, is he known in the community and what's his beef with president obama or the senator, if you know? >> i do know he has a criminal record. i spoke with the county sheriff randy, and he said mr. kurtis, we've had him in our jail about four times. mostly misdemeanors, but 2008 he had an arrest for telephone harassment and stalking. the sheriff said he's pretty sure from his dealings with him he has some pretty serious psychological issues. i have not necessarily been able to find what his beef is with the president. but he did have a rant online about senator wicker. and just talking about how he had run into him and tried to tell him about some of his grievances and that the senator seemed nervous when he was around him. which seems to make sense. >> does he have a job, as far as you know, work? >> i don't see anything besides the elvis i am percent nations and the past jobs.
7:49 pm
one of the past jobs he had, he owned a cleaning company that contracted with a hospital, and that's kind of where some of his grievances started. some things that he believed he saw there and tried to bring them to light. >> i tell you, that reference to not being happy with senator wicker sort of reminds me of the gabby giffords, an unhappy con stage went. thank you very much and the viewers than go to greta wire to see his elvis impersonator. thank you. >> thank you, greta. >> did the boston bomber make a big mistake? did he allow himself to be caught on camera? how can facial identification crack the case. and the explosion in texas at a fertilizer plant. the latest coming up. you brought the flex in...
7:50 pm
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7:53 pm
>> boston police commissioner calling the bomb sight one of the most well-photographed areas in the country. now the fbi is using facial recognition technology to try to find the killer. paul is a ceo and president of animetrics. there are apparently photos of persons of interest. explain in there's good lighting and a front-on look of the suspect or the person of interest, how does your
7:54 pm
technology work? >> hi, greta, thanks. well, face recognition basically takes a photograph and tries to reduce that photograph to a biometric template for searching in a database. so the key is dealing with that photograph, and the quality of that photograph and how much of the face that you see. >> so how precise is it? i assume you have to have a photograph to compare it to. but what's the level of certainty that you can make any identification with it? >> well, it's very dependent, again, on the input, the probe. looking at that picture. if you have a good frontal of a face, you are going to get a very high statistic potential in matching in a large database. upwards of the high 90% with a very small false to separate. that's important. go ahead. >> let me ask but the database. can you go to like all the passports ever issued in the united states? can you use that for a database?
7:55 pm
>> you can. i'm sure the fbi for example, has -- can access all those databases. they have their own criminal databases they will look at first, of course, but anything they need to access, they can collaborate with the other agencies. >> paul, thank you very much. i know that this is helping the investigation, and we all want this investigation to be very successful and fast. thank you, paul. >> all right. thank you very much, greta. >> up next, breaking news outs of texas. a fertilizer plant explosion. multiple injuries are reported. we have new information. that's next. mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
7:56 pm
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